Tukulov & Kassilgov Litigation LLP (the “Scholarship Sponsor”) announces a scholarship competition for the students/prospective students being pursuing Bachelor's degree in Law within 2021-2022 academic year on the terms and subject to the conditions set forth below:

  1. The scholarship fund for the 2021-2022 academic year is KZT 5,000,000.00. The Scholarship Sponsor may extend the sponsorship in the following years at its own discretion. The number of awarded scholarships will be determined within the limits of the fund amount in proportion to the tuition fee/number of the awarded scholarships pursuant to clause 4 below, at the discretion of the Scholarship Sponsor;
  2. Application requirements: vulnerable social students/prospective students being pursuing a degree in Law, including (1) children from families being eligible for the state targeted social assistance; (2) children from families that do not receive the state targeted social assistance and whose per capita income is below minimum subsistence amount; (3) orphaned children and children deprived of parental care being raised in families; (4) other vulnerable social categories of applicants to be determined at the discretion of the Scholarship Sponsor (the “Applicant”);
  3. The Scholarship Sponsor reserves the right to check the financial state of the Applicant/his/her family/cohabitants (including an option to visit the Applicant at the place of his/her residence), as well as to request information on the Applicant’s financial position. The Scholarship Sponsor may refuse considering the application if the Applicant refuses to provide information on material position and any other related data;
  4. Scope of Scholarship: (1) payment of tuition fee (quarterly) for an academic year (Bachelor’s programme) at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University or at Caspian University (with major in Law); or (2) a monthly scholarship for an academic year totalling to KZT 100,000.00 per month. The Applicant may choose only one of two types of scholarships;
  5. The applicants who have been awarded the scholarship (the “Scholarship Holders”) shall submit their progress reports to the Scholarship Sponsor on a quarterly basis. The Scholarship Sponsor may withdraw the scholarship if: (1) the Scholarship Holder's academic progress has declined below grade 4 on a five-point scale (below 75 points out of 100) or a similar grade as per other grading systems in the relevant quarter; or (2) no progress reports have been submitted within 10 days after the end of the quarter;
  6. Only citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan may apply therefor;
  7. The key Applicants' eligibility criteria: an application in the form of a composition (an essay), or in any other form of presentation (video, otherwise) at the discretion of the Applicant covering the answers to the following questions: (1) "Why do you need a scholarship?" and (2) "Why do you deserve the scholarship?" (educational, sports and other achievements). A proof of such achievement is to be attached to the application (for example, for students - confirmation of high academic performance, other documents). Filing Language: Kazakh/Russian. The scope of the essay shall not exceed 1,600 words (text beyond this limit will not be considered). Video length shall not exceed 7 minutes. The guiding principle of the eligibility criteria is to determine the most eligible and indigent Applicants;
  8. All applications and documents attached thereto will not be returned. No expenses incidental to the recording of applications, and their submission, as well as any other similar expenses will be reimbursed. The Scholarship Sponsor reserves the right to give no reason for the refusal to award the scholarship;
  9. Deadline for applications: till 01.10.2021. Deadline for announcing competition results: till 01.11.2021;
  10. The applications shall be sent to the following e-mail address: [email protected]. The application must be sent as a single message; the text files must be sent as a single file in pdf format (the applicant's surname must be indicated in the file name). To send videos and similar presentations, please specify a hyperlink. No additional messages from the Applicant shall be allowed, except for cases when the Scholarship Sponsor has requested additional documents/information. The Scholarship Sponsor reserves the right to request the original documents to be provided for verification thereof;
  11. All other issues not covered by these Terms and conditions of the competition shall be regulated by the Scholarship Sponsor at its own discretion;
  12. The Scholarship Sponsor provides no undertaking that the Applicant will be awarded a scholarship. The scholarships may be paid by third parties, at the discretion of the Scholarship Sponsor. By submitting an application for participation in the competition, the Applicant agrees that he/she will not have any claims to the Scholarship Sponsor or third parties related to the holding of the competition;
  13. The application must be accompanied by a scanned copy of the signed consent form (see enclosed);
  14. Any applications being inconsistent with the requirements described above will not be admitted for processing. The Scholarship Sponsor may refuse considering other applications including if the applicant has not submitted the requested documents/information within three days;
  15. For all questions, please contact the promoters: [email protected]

Download the application form