Projects (Bakhyt Tukulov)

Advising a Chinese multinational corporation (a general contractor) in a US$ 300+ million construction dispute with a customer over an increased cost of work in the course of an oil refinery reconstruction project

Representing and advising, for eight years, the largest oil and gas construction company in Kazakhstan in a wide variety of construction disputes (over 20) for tens of billions of tenge (recovering the cost of additional work, challenging of transactions, developing protection mechanisms, establishing grounds for the jurisdiction of Kazakhstan courts, bypassing arbitration clauses, challenging of bank guarantees, etc.)

Representing and advising Russia's largest state bank and its investment arm in over US$ 190 million insolvency concerning a Kazakh borrower and numerous pledgors of over 300 thousand hectares of pledged agricultural land

Advising Kazakhstan's largest oil and gas construction company in a potential dispute with a large multinational corporation in a dispute over the validity of corporate guarantees worth over US$ 80 million

Representing and advising a Kazakh Ultra High Net Worth individual (guarantor) in a US$ 60+ million dispute with a bank over recovery of debt, validity of guarantees, and insolvency

Representing and advising a Kazakh Ultra High Net Worth individual in multiple Kazakh and US litigations, among other things, opposing a 28 US Code §1782 application

Representing and advising world's largest crypto farm in a dispute with a US investor in a US$ 14+ million claim

Representing Kazakh minority shareholders in several high-profile corporate litigations over the recovery of damages following a sqeeze out procedure and other violations of corporate law

Representing and advising Kazakhstan’s largest metallurgy company in more than 10 court cases over fraud, damages, challenging of transactions, etc.

Drafting many expert opinions to foreign courts and arbitral tribunals (in England, Russia, Cyprus, Germany, and US) on Kazakh commercial and civil procedure law, and well as insolvency and restructuring.