what we do

Registration of trademarks in Kazakhstan and other countries, registration of appellation of origin, industrial designs, selective breeding achievements, topologies of integrated circuits, copyright items (including software, databases), as well as related rights items.

Filing of international applications for the registration of IP items with a foreign patent office of the country of interest or through one of the international registration systems – one international application will cover all countries of interest.

Legal support in the process of recognition of trademarks as well-known.

Payment of annuities, fees for the extension of trademarks.

Appealing the registration of third parties’ trademarks in the cases of non-use or violation of the rules of trademark registration.

Appealing the registration of third parties’ industrial property (inventions, utility models, industrial designs) in the cases of non-compliance with the patentability features, as well as on other grounds.

Representing clients’ interests in the process of appealing the registration of their IP objects.

Preparation of an expert opinion on the infringement of IP rights.

Preparation of conclusions on the identity or similarity of marks and(or) homogeneity of goods and(or) services (such conclusions can be used as evidence of an infringement of trademark rights in the course of administrative and(or) civil proceedings).

Monitoring of trademarks – trademark and trademark applications monitoring in Kazakhstan and abroad in order to identify third parties’ attempts to register marks that are identical or similar to the client's trademarks.

Verification of the client's marks on the matter of identity or similarity with registered trademarks before filing a trademark application.

Due diligence of internal processes for the creation of IP of entrepreneurs, development of IP management system (in partnership with software developers, such IP management system can be automated), drafting of  job descriptions for employees-authors of IP; and due diligence of IP items to check whether the intellectual property rights on IP items created by employees or third parties under a civil contract arise in the name of the entrepreneur.  

Drafting or revision of agreements on assignment or use of IP items (license agreements, franchising agreements, author’s commissioning agreements and other agreements), representing clients in negotiations of agreements and registration of agreements with the National Institute for Intellectual Property (as necessary).

Representing clients in disputes on violation of intellectual property rights within civil and administrative procedures, pre-trial settlement of disputes.

Inclusion of intellectual property items into the customs registers of intellectual property of Kazakhstan and the CIS countries.

Advising on a wide range of IP issues.