Projects (Nataliya Shapovalova)

Advising of an oil and gas company on issues of transition to electronic document management system.

Advising a foreign media company with a state participation regarding requirements for the rebroadcasting of foreign TV channels in Kazakhstan, re-registration of foreign TV channels, and other legal issues.

Advising one of the world's largest telecommunications company regarding the provision of Internet services, including VoIP services, in Kazakhstan.

Advising a client on a potential patent infringement dispute between a joint venture partners, including the patentability of an invention, statute of limitations in intellectual property infringement disputes and other issues.

Enforcement of trademark rights in Kazakhstan and the CIS countries of one of the world's largest producers of soft drinks and other goods, including cancellation of trademarks due to non-use, representation of interests of the client in disputes on infringement of trademark rights, inclusion of trademarks into the customs registers of intellectual property subject matters of Kazakhstan and other countries of the CIS.