what we do

Legal support in the areas of mass media regulation, communications, e-commerce, including on matters of privacy and personal data.

Representing the client’s interests in the procedures for the suspension and termination of the release of mass media or the distribution of mass media products (content).

Registration and re-registration of mass media.

Registration and re-registration of foreign TV- and radio channels.

Advising on a wide range of issues.

Due diligence of mobile applications and Internet-sites for compliance with legislation, preparation of necessary documents for e-commerce business.

Preparation or revision of the terms and conditions of the use of the service, privacy and confidentiality policies, letters of consent for the collection and processing of personal data, and other documents.

Advising, inter alia, on the conclusion of contracts by various ways with the use of information technology.

Advising on issues of implementation of electronic document management system, use of electronic digital signature.

Due diligence of processes and policies of a business for correspondence to the legislation requirements.

Elaboration of internal procedures and policies of a company related to the collection and processing of personal data and control over the compliance of the company’s operations with the legislation requirements.